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Chris is the guy you NEED to know for all of your neat/rare/cool old Pontiac performance parts!!!

I should really stop telling people about this amazing resource so I can keep access to all of these unreal parts cars all to myself! This is THE place to go for used Pontiac parts, parts cars and projects. Look no further...

Although I haven't officially gotten permission to post this link yet, I couldn't wait to put this guy's work out there for everyone to drool over. Get yourself to this site immediately and spend a day checking out his Photoshop brilliance as well as tons of links to the coolest sh** on the planet. 

Attention FSPC Members and visitors! 
Our friends at Pontiac2plus2registry.com are working on creating a registry in an attempt to try and account for as many 2+2's as possible. They've already contacted a few guys from other various Pontiac sites and are anxiously awaiting responses. If you would like to contact them and have your vehicle entered into the registry go to the following website with the information listed below.

Our friends Dave and Amy Dayton walkin' the walk. This couple keeps their finger on the pulse of everything motorhead related, especially in the Great Lakes Region. They have their own cable show as well and make episodes available online. I have at least 15 of their DVDs too. Great filming, great hot rods and great people. Get yourself there and buy something right now!
Here is a nice Flikr account set up by Mark Potter that features images of 1969-1972 Grand Prixs. 
Here is another collection put together by Mark Potter featuring 73-77 Grand Prixs.