The Full Size Pontiac Club is a free resource for Pontiac lovers that prefer the land yachts produced by Pontiac in the 60's and 70's. No rules, no dues, no obligations...just jump in and enjoy. 
We're clipping along on the 1969 Grand Prix historic tribute car. A talented graphic artist I found did some wonderful renderings to keep the motivational fires, stoked! Yes, some of the proportions are off and not all of my ideas made it into the graphic, but I love the overall vibe. The flares are WAY too pronounced and will not be that wide or molded into the fenders in the same fashion, but DAMN, it looks as mean as I had planned! Pop onto the 1969 G-PRIX HISTORIC TRIBUTE link for more info and pics. 

It's happening...a sketch I created about 15 years ago, maybe 20, is now coming to life. Maybe not exactly, but close. Instead of going the Pro-Touring route that is represented in the drawing, I'm creating an Historic Trans Am tribute car. A "What If" Grand Prix if you will. I've always wanted to combine the vibe of the Trans Am series look of the late 60s/early 70s with the long hood and short decklid of the 69/70 GP. Take a look at the Pontiac Projcts drop down and click on 69 G-PRIX HISTORIC TRIBUTE and come along for the ride!

It's been 3 years and a lot has gone down over those years, but we're back baby. There is nothing new to say about 2020 so I'm not even going to mention it again unless it's part of a build timeline. I'm moving on as hopefully you can (and should) too. The deal is, we're back and will try to be better than ever. Send in your ads for cars or parts for sale. It's all free. There is no charge. Let's get our cars and parts out there to folks that can get them back on the road. Enjoy our reference galleries and follow along as we put a few old Pontiacs back on the road. 

I'm going to start with a certain '69 Grand Prix, originally destined for destruction. It's a true barn find. EVERYBODY says their car is a barn find, but mine was actually found in a barn. Literally. Off the road since AT LEAST 1984. I have to check the registration sticker again. I'll post a few photos of the car before it was pulled out of the barn and I'll post a link to the story as it comes together. Enjoy!
This year at MCACN, the restoration of Mike Ardito's old 66 Bonneville was revealed. It was the recipient of a 6-figure restoration using a warehouse full of NOS parts. If there is a nicer one on the planet, I'd like to see it. This 4 speed, loaded monster has taken me around Libertyville IL at high rates of speed before the restoration. IMHO, easily the best vehicle at a show filled with the worlds best musclecars. Stunning.
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY enjoys the heck out of their full size Ponchos like the Swedes! Benke Jansson sent me this shot with his 65 Bonny and his buddy's 65 Catalina, getting ready to launch their summer travels! THIS is how it's done!
It's FINALLY near completion. The 70 GP I've owned for 8 years is finally near the finish line! It's been about 5 years sine she was last on the road. She started out as a yellow Model J with tan interior and a leaky but trusty 400. Now she's a triple black monster powered by a 462. She's come a long way. Unfortunately it's a little too late to get miles on her this season, but spring should be a blast!
***We're moving our photos to another photo-hosting site. You may find that photo album links aren't all working. It will take me about a week to move everything over. I'll crank it out as quickly as I can!***

2016 is nearly upon us and it's about time I give you folks something new to help you stay motivated through these winter months. Enjoy the photos I took at the annual MCACN show in November. (The link is below the photo.) An amazing, not to be missed event. Use these to keep you inspired. My New Years Resolution for 2016 is to keep the updates to the website coming fast and furiously. My 70 GP will be done and occupying less of my time. Although I'll be building a 71 GT37, it should take less of my free time. 

Stay tuned and keep coming back for more!
Strawberry fields forever...desperate for nice weather to arrive and stick around for more than a few hours. This photo gave me some hope. I tried to back-track and locate the source, but was unable to. I have a feeling it was our friends in Sweden. Not only do they have righteous Ponchos, they have a great eye for photography! If anybody knows who I can credit for this beautiful image, please chime in!
Spring has Sprung...well, not really!

I was cleaning up some old folders and came across these pics of me, the fam, some friends and one of my nicest builds. The 64 Bonneville Safari was from Houston and it was loaded. Loved that sucker. The stork brought my youngest one a little early so the Safari was sold to pay down some medical bills. It has shown up on eBay for months now at a classic car dealer. Who knows what the reserve is. The kids in the pics are now in high school! The Three Stooges pic is me, Steve Snyder and Terry Broadbent. The group shot is our first ever Full Size Pontiac Chi-Town Shindig attendee shot. This is the day that started it all. 2014 wsa our 10th gathering! One of my partners, Mike Ardito, left TriPower to go work with Dana Mecum so we're shifting gears and will do our annual Shindig later in the year. We'll keep you posted. 
This is how Anders Hjelm and his buddies shake off the winter-time blahs in Sweden! Click on the link below called "Anders on Ice" for the video version of Frozen that I prefer!
Upon further review, Anders had so many cool photos of his war wagon, I had to build an album of his work to share! I'll also be putting these in the Ponchos Around the World section with his buddy's 63 GP which is equally wicked and DRIVEN YEAR 'ROUND!!!
Santa can only dream of owning a sleigh like this! Thanks for the image John Mead!


The holidays are here and it's time for a little updating. Over the next couple of days you'll see some new video of John Sweeney flogging his 67 Bonneville in NJ, Ponchos from around the world, classifieds, reference and eye candy! I'll start by putting some shots of a really interesting color combo on a GP. A combo you don't see very often on a year you don't see very often. It looks great and thought it would be a great beacon to let ya'll know there is some new stuff to be found here.

Most importantly, I want to extend a warm thank you to all of my friends around the globe. To my good buds, you know who you are, thanks for always being there for me. Hopefully I've been able to give back and add something to your lives as well. For those of you that pop in from time to time to exchange greetings, ideas, encouragement and so on, THANK YOU! The best part about a project like this website is meeting new folks and making new friends. For those that simply sit back and enjoy behind the scenes, thanks for spending some time with us. We love knowin' that you're out there enjoying our hobby with us.

Here's to wrapping up 2014 and looking forward to a fun and safe 2015. Thank you for being a part of our Pontiac community and we look forward to more shenanigans in the months and years to come!

It's in the books and it was another mind-blowingly perfect day. The Chi-Town Shindig and TriPower Automotive Open House turned into another automotive grand slam. Each year, Arnold brings out another ridiculous full size 4 speed rarity and this year was no different. Please feast your eyes on his 67 428 HO disc brake 4 speed monster. The Mickey Thompson 62 bubbletop mystery motor masterpiece was basking in this picture perfect Pontiac day! Arnie Beswick pulled into the lot about 5am as he just can't keep himself away from our annual dust-off. Mike Ardito, Jon Markese and Mike Markese hosted this little slice of heaven for the TriPower faithful. Pete slung sammiches and Jon's wife sliced up the pies with Steve Snyder. Jon and Pete handled the split the pot raffle with the winner donating his hundreds to a childrens cancer charity. Yup, all is right in the world. Click on the link above and enjoy the show from your armchair. Feel free to go to the Cruises links as well to view the previous 9 Shindigs we've held at TriPower too.